Tuesday, September 20, 2011

200th post

Wow never thought I would get here but I have. 200 posts. Could have got here sooner if I blogged more!!

I'm taking a little break from sewing, after the marathon effort over the last couple of weeks, so I can now catch up on other things that have been a bit neglected. Like blogging and connecting with other people!! (Not to mention house work!)

Lego Pouch for Billy
Lego Box pouch for Billy

A couple of weeks ago I made another box pouch, this time for my cousins now 5 year old. I love this lego fabric, I wish I'd bought more.

This is what I've been busy making.

Lots of shoes
Lots of tiny shoes

Pocket Clutch # 2 - 7
Lots of Pocket Clutches
Amigurumi Mouse
And a cute little Amigurumi mouse
I think I am now up to date in sharing what I have been making. Next will be for family and friends. It's been a good experience making for a market but I do get a lot more joy out of making for someone in mind. I'm looking forward to taking commissions though, there is a contact and I know where the product will end up.

Until next time.

Happy Sewing


Edit: I would also like to thank those that read and comment on my blog, thanks heaps, I wouldn't have got to 200 without you :-).

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  1. Wow, you have been busy!
    Totally LOVE those little shoes....you are a clever clogs.


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