Thursday, September 29, 2011

A bloggers dilemma

Baby Mushroom
Little Amigurumi Mushroom

I've been writing this post in my head for a while now and thought it about time I got it out of my head! I think I have blog overload or blog fatigue, and not just from posting here, from trying to keep up with everyone else's blogs too. I have so many in my reader now that I'm just not reading them, just scrolling down looking at the pretty pictures. I have a few blogs that I definitely read and try to comment on every post but I'm finding it really hard to keep up. And then I think, why am I trying to keep up? It's not my job, I'm not getting paid for this I don't have to do it. So I'm going to go through my reader and unsubscribe a few, which is hard, I'm a hoarder and it's like I've hoarded these subscriptions! It's school holidays here at the moment and I'm going away for a week next week, without a computer! I wonder how many posts will be waiting for me in my Google Reader, will I just mark them all as read? Then I think what if I miss out on something? What am I going to miss out on? It's only a week and it's only someone else's (that I usually don't know) blog!!

So if I'm skipping over blogs, how many are skipping over mine? I know I need to improve my photography, will that make people stop by or is it what I write or what I craft? Am I losing track of why I started this blog in the first place?

It's not just blogs that I'm trying to keep on top of either, it's also facebook and recently I was introduced to pinterest! So I think having a break for a week is going to be good for me, get my head and priorities straight.

So does anyone else share in my dilemma or are you stronger than I?

On another note, these are a few pics of what my mum has been up to lately with the Grandkids. They are so lucky to have an art teacher for a grandma. She got the inspiration and pattern from here. Every time a grandchild comes to play they add a little.

Saucepan Man
Saucepan Man
The Faraway Tree
The Magic Faraway Tree
Dame Washalot's clothes line
Dame Washalot's washing
Dame Washalot's House
Dame Washalot's house
Toadstools at the base of the Faraway Tree
Toadstools at the bottom of the tree
So that's it for me on this very wet, cabin fever, kind of school holiday day. Hopefully I'll be able to take some pics of some baby hats I've been making.



  1. I LOVE the Magic Faraway Tree! I know what you mean about blog fatigue.

  2. You can spend an awful lot of time on the web, in fact I foresee Webaholics Annonymous taking off in a big way soon!
    Lovin that mushroom, oh and any chance of borrowing your mum for a week or two?

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Even though this comment is a bit late I just had to say I totally understand about blog fatigue! I can't spend my entire life on the computer and my eyes get sore if i read too much pc. I often feel guilty if I am not keeping up and may fall off the blog radar if I don't interact frequently. But my real life friends were being neglected and a person has to have balance. I read only those that grab my attention and dont always have the time to comment.

    I think unless blogging is your business marketing tool and not just a pastime then the blogging bliss book can go stuff itself.

    Your bag making is awesome. I love them all and hope to one day make such fantastic bags.


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