Monday, November 14, 2011

Fabric Tray with electronic tokens

A while ago on pinterest I saw that someone had used tokens for TV and computer time. I had kind of forgotten about it. But one day a couple of weeks ago I realised how much time my 6 year old was spending in front of the box. So we made up these tokens. We grabbed an empty cereal box, I started off by showing him what to draw then he cut them out and drew on the rest. Other tokens also started to appear, bike riding, scooter riding etc. So he was getting the idea. Each token is worth 1/2 hour. We still have to decide if its appropriate for him to watch at the time he wants but he seams to be sticking with the 1/2 hour really well. On Sunday he gets them back if his playroom floor is clear, that has been a bit of a battle!!

I made this fabric tray using noodlehead's tutorial. She also has heaps of links to tray's that are similar. I interfaced the whole lot, but if I make one again (which I will) I'll be just sticking to interfacing just the base. Really quick and easy. I highly recommend making one, or two!!


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