Saturday, January 19, 2013


Question for all quilters out there. What am I doing wrong? I have my walking foot on, the machine was dragging the sandwich through, and now my patchwork that was perfectly straight now isn't. Everything is now wonky. Which would be fine if that's what I intended. I now have to unpick. Am I not pinning correctly? Should I hand sew baste instead of pin? All suggestions very welcome.


  1. I'm no expert, but I am guessing that you sewed in one direction and then back in the other direction. It looks like you went down to the right of the squirrel and then up to the left of the squirrel.

    Some things I would try:

    *If you can adjust the pressure on your presser foot, try reducing it a little and see if that helps. Even on the walking foot.

    * Don't let the quilt hang over the edge of the table, this will pull on the quilt, you need to have lots of space around you and maybe let it bunch up against a wall or something. I have a chair pushed in on the other side of the table to stop things from spilling over the edge.

    * Help the machine a little by feeding the quilt up to it, don't just let the machine drag it through.

    * You could try a spray baste as well as pinning

  2. I agree with Carmel, not an expert but have had it happen before! Def going in the same direction will help, and reducing the pressure foot. It may thicker batting that it can quilt normally.


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