Saturday, April 4, 2009

Aidan's 4th Birthday Present

After I met Audrey and Maude at the stitches and craft show I had to buy their robot pattern (not that it took meeting them to buy it!!)

It was very easy to make. I used a lot of the techniques that I learnt from the Melly and Me lecture. I reduced the stitch length I was using and this made a lot of difference to how the curves turned out. I also stuffed using big clumps so the neck was strong.

There were a few things that I did differently from what the pattern told me to do mainly due to how I have been making softies, not that I didn't want to do their techniques. I didn't use batting to pad and I ironed on the face and tummy before I stuffed, I also chose to close the arms in a different place, mainly due to being better at closing along a straight instead of a curve.

Well done Audrey and Maude on a great pattern, now I have to make the girl robot and this time I promise that I will stick to the pattern!! :-)

This is the robot before stuffing.

And this is the card that I made him.

And this is Aidan after recieving the robot, very happy boy :-)


  1. Fantastic job!! I love that you did your own version of him - that's what we are all about - doing it the way it works for you. I look forward to seeing Robot Girl. LOVE that last picture!!


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