Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Box Pouch

Box Pouch, originally uploaded by MandyMade.

Another gift finished. This one is for AJ's teacher. When I asked him what he wanted to give his teacher this year he thought about it for a while then asked if I could make something round, tin shaped. With a bit of probing I got out of him what it was he was thinking about. Apparently his teacher has a tin for her white board markers but its not big enough and they go everywhere. So he was trying to think of something to replace it. Once he'd thought about it a bit more he said I'd made what he was thinking about before, so I showed him some photos and he picked a pouch I'd made a year ago. So that was picked, yay. I had a different box pouch pattern that I'd pinned and wanted to try, perfect. He picked the fabric and this is the result. A bit bigger than I thought it would be but he loved it so all is good.

I boxed the corners by cutting first instead of making a triangle and measuring. I find this technique easier. I also used really thick interfacing so it sits in its box shape really well. I think there may be more made!

I used www.sochickhandbags.com tutorial.

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