Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Creative Space

I have nothing to show for my creative space this week, (I could show the same photo as last week but that would be boring!!) It's all in my head and I don't think you want to see that. So in my creative head this week:

  • Idea's for my new nieces birth present
  • Little A's birthday cakes for this weekend - he is having 2 parties so 2 cakes are required. He's having a car theme so I'm thinking number 5 with racing track, and we have a VB beetle tin, so that will need to be decorated the same as our beetle.
  • Decorations for the party, I did have all these grand plans of making stuff but that kinda went out the door, I work full time, what can you do!!
  • Party games involving cars, any ideas very welcome ;-)
  • Aidan's birthday present, I was thinking a photo board, got any great tutes? Not going to get that finished by sunday!
So there you have it, I assure you more was going on in my head this week, but this unfortunately, was about it for creativity. Hopefully I'll have photos of the out comes. Wow I've been a mum for nearly 5 years, time has flown.

For more creative spaces head here to kootoyoo.



  1. Preparing for a childs birthday party is a lot of work. So totally understand the feeling you have of not having heaps of finished projects to post.

    (Does that make sense?) lol

  2. Good luck with the present, cakes, decorations and party.


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