Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Birthday Pressy

Birthday Pressy
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I've been very busy in the last couple of weeks, thus the lack of blogging. I have been busy crafting though so I guess that makes up for it!!?

I still have heaps of projects on the go and will definitely have another Sunday WIP this week.

I made "Bubbles" from Melly and Me's book Kaleidoscope. It was a pressy for one of Little A's friends. If carrying it around and feeding it jelly at the party was anything to go by, I think she liked it!!!

It was the first softie I have made where the majority of the embellishments a sewn on after the body is complete, not sewn into the seams. I was a bit daunted by this at first but I think it turned out ok. It was my first Melly and Me pattern, I've been dying to do one for ages. So there you go.

All material was from my stash. It is now 24 days since I last bought material. Going not to bad!!

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  1. I love this and it will be my next projet from the book requested by my daughter


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