Sunday, March 7, 2010

Patchwork Ball No 2

Patchwork Ball no 2

Another Patchwork Ball, this time for the cousin of the first ball I made. Confused, I am, it's my cousins daughter so does that make her my second cousin? And the first was given to my other cousins son. Anyway, I fussy cut the fabric again from a very cute fabric I found at a local material shop, Darn Cheap Fabrics. It didn't come together quite as nicely this time, I think it stretched a bit when sewing together, it was also very hot the day I decided to put it together. So there you go, another one done. I highly recommend this pattern for a relatively quick to make and useful gift for a 1 year old.

Anna Maria Horner's For Kicks Patchwork Ball from Seams to Me. Handmade by MandyMade


  1. Super cute and looks like a LOT of work with all those tiny pieces! I'm impressed!

  2. great baby project! I'm gonna be a grandma in about 7 months so better start making baby stuff I guess! lol

    This ball looks fun!

  3. This is very sweet - the fabric you have used is lovely - perfect for the size of each piece.

  4. I saw your ball on Flickr. I attempted this same ball and had trouble matching up the corners without getting some major puckering. Needless to say my ball turned out quite wonky, I was really disappointed with it. Sounds like you didn't struggle with this one at all! Any tips you could give? Maybe I just need to invest in a rotary cutter? Beautiful work! Love the fabric choice as well :).

  5. Hi Katie. Thanks for your comment. Mine did end up puckering a bit at the corners!! I didn't use a rotary cutter for this project, though I do use one a lot. I made templates of the pieces then drew around them and cut out with scissors, this also helped with fussy cutting. Hope this helps, don't give up.


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