Tuesday, March 30, 2010

He's 5

Wow I can't believe it, my little man turned 5 on the weekend. Besides now being the boss of everything!! he's a bit in awe of it himself, it took soooo long to get to 5. During the past year he's had these goals that when he turns 5 he can do all sorts of stuff, like watching (what he calls) scary movies. He tried a scary movie out today, maybe when I'm 6 mum!!

So this is the cake, for the first party, with his little friends.

Little A's 5th Birthday Cake No 1

The big man of the house made the cake, his forte, and I decorated it. We hired a number 5 tin from our local, very ace, cake shop. (if only we had a fabric shop this close by too!!). You can buy the cake mix and butter cream icing in tubs there so all we had to do is mix the dye in, messy business but fun. I had been flicking through the Aus Womens weekly birthday cake book, and got inspiration in there for making the cake into a race track. So there you have it. Lot's of cake which didn't really get eaten, brought out Nan's cup cakes a bit too soon I think. There was so much cake we ended up only cutting that for the afternoon too. But I still made this...

Little A's 5th Birthday Cake No 2

If you haven't gathered by now, Little A likes his cars. So I couldn't go past making a VW Beetle cake in the same colour as our beetle. My sister used to own our beetle and when she did I gave her this cake tin, which has now come in useful.

So there you have it. The end result of my creative thoughts of this week.

Now hopefully some sewing this week. Gotta start on the name tag for Sew It Together, time is running out. My to do list is massive!!



  1. Happy birthday to your little man! I love the cakes!

  2. Tell your little boy "Congratulations of turning the big 5" for me.

    Your birthday cakes look great (and yummy!)

  3. Wow, cakes look amazing! Happy birthday little man!

    P.S. I love love the tag that you made for me! I am going to post about it tmrrw and will wear it with pride on SIT! Cannot wait to meet your there! Thank you!


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