Thursday, September 17, 2009

Little A's Library Bag

This bag has been a long time coming, poor Little A, when he first saw it on the front cover of Homespun, back in Jan I think, he's asked me to make it. All these other projects got made for other people, but not the one he wanted. I have to admit I did have to get over my "never going to make a quilt" thing first, not that I had to quilt it, but it does look better that way. I was thinking of hand quilting it, but he would never have got it!! I did hand quilt around the rocket though.
I didn't change much from the original design, except for omitting the embroidery text and changing the teddy bears to aliens, apparently Little A is too old for things with teddy bears on them now!!
We are going to test drive it on friday, so if you're at the library and see a little guy carrying his brand new library bag around, stop by and have a chat.
This bag construction was also used for my niece's library bag.

It's an adventure library bag from Homespun Magazine Vol 9 No 12, Design by Rachel Measham-Pywell, Handmade by MandyMade


  1. I love how you changed the bears to aliens! I hope your little boy enjoyed the library trip :)

  2. Love the bag with beautiful applique..just love the tiny thoughts here and there.



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