Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mr Rooster

Mr Rooster
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Finally finished him, getting ever closer to my WIP's completed. I first blogged about Mr Rooster here so I wont bore you with the details. He took so long to finish as I didn't like how the comb ended up and the wings didn't sew in as I would have liked, but now he is finished and currently being cuddled by Little A on the couch.

I have discovered Sashiko, a japanese style of embroidery. On our trip to the library yesterday, mainly to try out the new library bag, I had to check out the craft section. It has been a long time since I've borrowed from the library, content with reading stuff there, that my card was completely out of date and now there are self check outs, who would have thought? Anyway, I came across a book on Sashiko and now I'm in love, can't wait to start a project, I know, must finish the WIP's first, maybe I could incorporate some into a WIP. Hmm the mind boggles :-).

Don't forget to check out my 100th post, now back to more WIP's. Desperate to go fabric shopping, it's now 55 days since I bought material, not bad ha!!


"mister rooster" from the book More Softies, Design by Marieke van Esvald, Handmade by MandyMade


  1. I love the rooster - I have a thing about chickens and have quite a collection of hand-made ones. I may have to check out the pattern.

  2. His so hansome...I love how the comb turned out. Can you teach me how to put your name on the photo like you did?

  3. Super-Cute! Good luck also with your Sashiko project!


  4. Ooooh, sashiko. I haven't done much but have grand plans. Actually I'm just getting acquainted with your blog and we have lots of similar projects on the go. Hurrah/groan, another craft addict :-)
    I. LOVE. MR. ROOSTER. I have the book and have spent a long time looking at him. But you've gone and made him, perfectly. Well done!


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