Friday, October 16, 2009

Erin's Birthday Present

Erin's Birthday Present
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This is a birthday gift to one of Little A's friends who turned 5 last weekend. I ended up making up the pattern as I had bought crayons and a little diary but no pattern that I found would fit my idea!!

So I made it up. I measured the diary for one side, then how the crayons would sit on the other. I made a very basic mockup in calico. Long story short, I whipped it up in about 2 hours, would have been quicker but as you may notice from the pic I had heaps of problems with the under bobbin thread catching, I had a few goes and this is the best I could get it. Lesson learned, never sew under pressure, giving the bobbin area a clean didn't even occur to me!! So hopefully my next project will turn out a bit better, sorry Erin :-)

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  1. blog looks great! Dont you just hate it when the machine wont co-operate! Turn out good , im sure she will love it.


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