Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Olivia's birth present

Olivia's birth present
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I know it's been a little while, been really busy. Not to mention reading everyone else's blogtober fest blogs!! I don't know how you all have done it!!

I made this little friend for new born baby Olivia. It's from Homespun Vol 10.9 Designed by Louise from Audrey and Maude. The majority of it is hand sewn. Yes the hexagons are hand sewn. It's the first time I have sewn this technique (I think its called American piecing) and I must say it was very relaxing. And it came together very quickly.

I was so impressed with it that I am making another, but for who, is a surprise still to come.

For more pics please go to my flickr page.



Tickle the Turtle, Design by Audrey and Maude, in Australian Homespun Vol 10.9, handmade by MandyMade

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