Friday, December 4, 2009

Little A's encounter with a craft market

Little A's encounter with a craft market
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We went to Northside Makers Market on Saturday. It was great. I got to meet up with the lovely Sandra again and finally give her her prize for winning my first blog comp. Apologies again Sandra for how late it was. All the stall holders expected rain so had these big umbrellas to protect their wares, but then the wind started, all the umbrellas came down and everyone was concentrating on keeping everything on their tables. I found a few things I wanted to get but I always go all the way around a market first. We met up with another crafty friend and had lunch at the cafe in the middle of the market, sorry can't remember the name, the food was really nice. After lunch Little A was getting a bit tired of the market so decided to climb the tree in the middle. (I was off powdering my nose!!) don't worry the hubby was watching him! Next thing I know very family screams were being heard across the market. He had fallen out of the tree, or more precisely, the branch he was holding onto decided it didn't want to be attached to the tree anymore!! Everyone was lovely, a first aid guy was called over, all wounds were patched and this ace badge made for him. So a big thank you to the organises of the market, and I am so sorry for all the commotion. Needless to say we then left and unfortunately I yet again didn't buy anything.
Blog winner
This is the clutch I made for Sandra


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