Friday, December 4, 2009

Ooo my

Ooo my
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He he, got my Homespun mag in the mail this week and look who was in it. I sent the photo in ages ago and didn't think it would make it to the Mailout section of the mag. But here it is.
At the time of writing the email to them I was very happy with the range of projects, materials and colours that they had, and I did have a few projects in each edition I wanted to make. But lately, I haven't been as happy, sorry Homespun. The thing I liked about the mag was that country craft was kind of in the back burner, there are enough mags out there that cover country craft and prim. But lately there seems to be more and more, so less projects for me. So if you are reading this and make stuff out of the mag that isn't country craft or prim please send in photos so they know what we want in the mag.
That's my two bits, I am looking forward to the next block of the month though, I have never done one but this one appears to be more my thing, lets see.


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