Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Productive Weekend

It's amazing how just adding one more day to the weekend you can get so much more done!! We got a few things done around the house which was nice, usually we get a bit overwhelmed with what needs to be done then go out for a coffee!! Well you have to start somewhere. So painting Oliver's room is nearly finished, we can now open the front door (the house needs re-stumping) Dad was handy with a temporary fix of one of the stumps, and the window sills to the boys rooms are now underway to getting fixed, yay.

Aidan has decided that he wants to share a room with Oliver and make the other room a play room. So while he is keen to do this we are going to give it a go. With 6 years difference between them I don't think it will last long but it will be nice for a while.

I was handy on the machine too. Aidan and I finally made his belt.

Kid's belt

I gave up on the binding maker, the material just didn't want to go through evenly, I think I need a lesson. So I just used the folding method, seemed to work fine. I need to work on my thread tension, so don't look too closely!!

I also made Keyka Lou's Keychain Clutch.

Keychain Clutch

I got the hubby to enlarge the pattern to 150% so I could fit more in. Well you can definitely fit more in! My phone, keys and maybe the correct size version would fit in. It needs a handle though which I thought it might so I added the extra strap. I'm going to give it a spin at pickup today and see how it goes. I don't like taking my whole handbag just for school pickup but still need the phone etc. so this should do the trick. I also want to try and make one attach to the front baby carrier, hmm I have ideas.


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  1. Yes, one extra day makes a BIG difference doesn't it!!? I really like that little clutch and the new look, it's simpler :)


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