Monday, October 31, 2011

Productive Sewing Day

I've had a few of these of late, yay. But this one was filled with making stuff up. Little A had a party on Saturday and I had been told that the birthday girl had been given a Nintendo DS. So I decided to make a pouch for it. I pushed the poor new "quilting" sewing machine to it's limits with this one. Very thick seems, need to save up for an industrial machine, would this help?

Nintendo DS Pouch - front
Nintendo DS Pouch - Front
As we don't have a DS (trying to resist for as long as we can) I had no idea of the size etc, so to google I went. I found a few tutorials but decided on this one.

Nintendo DS Pouch - inside
Nintendo DS Pouch - Inside
I also added a back pocket and a wrist strap. It ended up being very small I thought but apparently it is a snug fit. Yay, I'll be making more of these, but next time I might try slightly bigger.

Nintendo DS Pouch - back
Nintendo DS Pouch - back
The birthday girls little sister had a birthday close to when Little O was born, so she unfortunately missed out on getting something Mandy Made. So I decided that a 1/2 birthday present might be nice.

I had seen this crayon and colouring book on pinterest but unfortunately the link didn't end up sending me to the designer, so using this as inspiration I created my own. (If you do know who made this please let me know.)

Crayon Folio - front
Crayon Folio - Front
   I'd bought this fabric, back in March I think, for a gift for her so I finally got to use it.

Crayon Folio - back
Crayon Folio - Back
  I want more but I don't think you can still get it.

Crayon Folio - inside
Crayon Folio - inside
I'm already re-designing/improving this design in my head. I'll be making some of these for an order I have through Ditto Crafts.

By the way, the 2 pockets matching up fabric was a complete coincidence, couldn't have done that if I'd tried!!

Off to the drawing board for some more crayon folios.


Edit: I found the original pattern for the picture shown above from pinterest, it can be found here.

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  1. Gasp! I love your crayon folio, and the fabric you've used is gorgeous.
    Suffering folio envy now.


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