Saturday, November 29, 2014

Days 7-15. Taking form

Days 7-15. It's a #handmadechristmas. Lots of crocheting on the train this week. Surely you can guess what I'm making now 😉. #dittocrafts #crochet #Amigurumi #wip
Handmade Christmas Progress

Check out those shoes!! Well you can't really tell they are shoes yet, but they are cute. Yes I am making Ballerina Mice for my nieces. Both dancing obsessed at the moment. I have visions of them taking their Ballerina dolls to concerts for years to come, fingers crossed that will be a reality. 

They are really taking form now. I'm getting some very inquisitive looks on the train but more and more people are starting to ask what I'm making. I used to just stick with easy projects for the train, but I'm now getting very adventurous. Haven't pulled out the stuffing yet though ;-). If you are ever on a Hurstbridge train in Melbourne and see me crocheting away, stop and say hi :-).

The pattern I am using for this project is by lilleliis and can be found on etsy. I want to try so many of her other projects too. I'm checking out her free bunny pattern so I can use up all that pink i'll have left over!!

Have you found a great pattern lately? Please share.

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