Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Time for some sewing

All cut out

It was too hot on Monday to do any crocheting so I thought I'd make a start on AJ's Christmas present. He's getting it early as he needs it for his dance concerts this weekend. Couldn't stand him carrying around a supermarket green bag with his dance stuff in it anymore!! So we both dug deep in the pattern pile and he chose I Think Sew's Katie Boston bag. I love how he can see a pattern and be able to project his own take on it, doesn't just look at it and see a girls bag because of the fabric used in the pattern. Yay!

Nearly finished

Just need to add the bias binding to the inside and I'm done! Think I might also add a base. I used thick fabric and interfaced but it needs more structure. Perfect size for him this year, I'm just grateful he's doing hip hop and doesn't need a tu tu!! Some of the bags the girls were dragging into dress rehearsal were enormous!

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