Sunday, July 26, 2009

Follow up on the copyright issue

Well the blogging world is on fire at the moment discussing copyright issues for softies, bags and the like. Amy from badskirt is putting together a list to help sort out what can and cannot be sold from patterns that you haven't designed yourself, so go here for the list. Some you cannot sell at all and others allow a small run to be made for selling at markets etc or for charity.

So now that I know some of the designers do allow on sell I wont get so grr when I see them being sold. But for the people that don't acknowledge where the design came from, grr to you.

I just hope that I have done my small bit in making people more aware of the issue and that the designers are trying to make a living. There is a fine line on some designs but when they have obviously been ripped off that is not on.

Happy making :-)


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