Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wow what a week and it's only Tuesday!!

Christmas Birds
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Wow have I had a interesting start to this week, bit blown away really!!

Last week I email Homespun Magazine and suggested they start a Flickr group for Homespun, which I mentioned in my previous post. Well that was last week, this week they have featured my suggestion on their blog here, wow, and a few of my pics.

It doesn't end there. Last night I got home and found in the letter box a card for registered mail, I had noooo idea what it could be with all these possibilities in my head, and I couldn't pick it up until the morning. So off I go this morning to the post office, and what did I pick up? A parcel. I won a comp that I entered ages ago in Homespun, I hadn't heard so assumed I hadn't won so forgot about it, what a surprise. Thanks to Lara Cameron's blue birds I made and a few questions. Oh guess you want to know what I won. This. Melly and Me's Once Upon A Time BOM pattern. Now I have to go in search of some fabric..... What a Homespun week.

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