Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pressy for Mother In Law

Pressy for Mother In Law
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I made this apron for my mother in law for her birthday. This picture doesn't show the straps as I sewed them on after giving it to her. So imagine the strap to be around the neck with 2.5 cm bottons convered with the orange fabric.

There were some new techniques in this pattern that I haven't use before. I have never sewn binding around a single piece of fabric. I had to unpick my first attempt as I didn't catch the material properly underneath. When sewing the apron base to the middle strap the notches didn't line up so I've had to fudge it a bit, this may have been an error on my part not the pattern but I couldn't get the pattern pieces to match up either.

I had a go at my mum's new sewing machine and thought I'd never go back to mine. It was so smooth, had things in funny places but i could get used to that!! Save up the pocket money!!

I loved the pattern on the fabric, I may just have to make something else from the left overs!!!

Full Contact Cooking Apron from Seams to Me by Anna Maria Horner, Handmade by MandyMade, fabrics from Spotlight. Strap still to be sewn after fitting. Completed July 18 2009.

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