Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Check this out

I got my very ace name tag today for Sew It Together.

My Name Tag for Sew It Together yay!

Kelly from Purple Paisley Patch made it for me. She also wrapped it in some lovely fabric to fit in with the colour theme.

Sew It Together swap

I was in a hurry to open it and didn't take a photo so it's not as perfect as when I recieved it. The parcel looks too big for the name tag doesn't it. That's cos she made this for me as well.

Sew It Together swap
Sew It Together swap

How cool is that?

And now my swap partner has received her tag I can reveal what I made.

Sew it Together Name tag swap

Sorry Katia I didn't include any other cool snazzy stuff, I'm new at this swap thing, next time.

Something else happened to pop in my mail box this week.

Wow I did it again

I won mail bag in Homespun magazine. I sent these photos in ages ago and completely forgot about it. Well there you go. But as luck has it, I wont be able to use the prize. It's all this lovely perfumed stuff which, unfortunately, started to give me a migraine as soon as I opened the box :-(, so some very lucky ladies in my life might be getting some lovely gifts soon.

Well I think that is it for a while. I've been doing a bit of crotchet over the school holidays, which I'll take a photo of soon I hope, other than that I have a super secret pressy on the go and all of my other WIP's.



  1. Im so jelouse of your tag swap...its just to cute. I hope Little A is feeling better soon.

  2. How very cool that your bag is in a magazine! Great job Mandy! Oh and I love the name tags too - very cute and great designs on both!

  3. I saw your name in my Homespun when I bought it yesterday and saw your beautiful turtle. Congratulations!!

    Sadly my turtle is on hold until some swaps are done and work eases up.

    Love the tags you both made. Blue and red go so well together.

  4. Wow the one you received and the one you sent are both gorgeous. Such lovely stitchin.
    How lovely that she included something else, I was like you - just the tag - oops!


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