Sunday, May 2, 2010

Still here!!

Don't worry, I'm still here, although you would get the impression that I'd gone walkabout!! Poor neglected blog, and so close to the bloggy spectacular that is Sew It Together!!

I have been making stuff, some secret stuff, some not so. We had a long weekend last weekend so I got to get up north to see my sister on her property. (That sounds rather grand doesn't it!!) It was very relaxing, got to have lots of cuddles with baby niece and ate scones :-). While wandering around we came across some awesome looking toad stools, you can just see the little pixie living under this one can't you?

Who's little house?

I've been keeping busy and out of trouble on the train for the past couple of weeks making a gigantic granny square rug for Little A. I finally finished yesterday. I used Lincraft double knitting yarn with 4.5 hook. I used the granny square pattern from Meet Me at Mike's book and I finished the edges with triple crochet. Final measurement 1m square. If anyone needs something crocheted I'm looking for a new train project, just let me know.

Giant Granny Square

I also finally got around to making Little A's school library bag. Only a term late!! I made it the same as this one but it came out skinnier, still fits books though. I bought the material from amitie last year at the craft show, finally got around to using it.

Little A's School Library bag

That's it for me today. Off to finally make Nikki's bag so I can take it to show her next week at the stitches and craft show, can't wait, if it's anything like last year, should be ace.



  1. I love the picture of the toadstool! Amazing. The libaray bag is adorable too. Cant wait to see your bag. My Peasky Gnome made it on Flicker Friends round up on one pretty thing! woohoo, im NOT

  2. Just sam my spelling. Sorry I'Ii check next time before I hit the publish button. How embarrasment.

  3. Perfect toadstool! There is a pixie under there! Good to "see you"!


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