Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I started and finished my first Nicole Mallalieu bag. I've only had the pattern since mothers day last year!!

Large Satchel
Large Satchel, Design by Nicole Mallalieu, Handmade by MandyMade
Print Fabric by Aunty Cookie

I don't know what took me so long. Once I started I found the pattern really easy to follow, I didn't have any problems at all. The only thing I would change if I made this bag again would be the interfacing I used, and add some padding. I wasn't thinking straight and used the interfacing I bought for backing my stitcheries. Oh well, we live and learn. Thanks Nikki for a great pattern.

I will be back soon I promise with all the news from Sew It Together. I'm still recovering!! I now have a cold and no voice, so the energy level just hasn't been up to blogging!! I have been checking out others posts though and de-lerking as much as possible!!



  1. Hi Mandy. The bag looks great, love the yellow. I ended up with a cold after the weekend too.

  2. what a lovely bag - I really like Aunty Cookie's fabrics. I'm about to embark on making my first bag using some of her fabrics, but know so little about interfacing that I'm a bit scared to stuff it up!

  3. Nice bag! Love the yellow.

  4. What a great bag! I really love messenger bags as they are so useful as well a looking so "chic". Your colour combo works well and you now have a bag good enough for day trips or work.


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