Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sew It Together 2010 - The next bit

The Saturday part of Sew It Together consisted of a whole day of sewing and a dinner. What a hard life hay? Sheridan did a wonderful job organising everything, thank you so much. It all appeared to come together so smoothly, I hope in the background it did too.

It was an early start for me catching the train into the city with my crafty sidekick. We stayed in the city that night so had all our crafty gear with us plus the overnight stuff.

We were greated at the door by lovely Donna with our Saturday goody bag.

My Saturday Stash

Except for the fabric in the middle there that snuck into this photo instead of the friday one, all this stuff was given to all of us, like Christmas really, without the small one climbing all over me. For the full list of sponsors please checkout the SIT website, I don't want to miss anyone.

In the door prize I one a boys pant pattern, which is really cute, but in German, which I can't read. So I may need someones help out there, there may even be a pair of boys pants in it for you.

I had a great time, I didn't talk to as many people as I probably should but listened and watched in a bit of a star stuck moment.

This is what I sewed, yes there was sewing involved!!

What I worked on

I finished off the stitching part of the Kokeshi dolls by Melly and Me, and then started on Melly and Me's block of the month.  There were all sorts of crafting going on, and even some of Jodie's softies came out to play.

Jodie's softies came out to play

After all of the excitement of the sewing day most of us headed out to a lovely dinner, where we got to chat to different bloggers and catch up on other things other than sewing!! Imagine that, other stuff happens other than sewing!!

After a very rewarding but exhausting day we headed back to the hotel and collapsed until morning, and a sleep in, yay. Brunch at South Bank and a spot of craft market shopping then headed back home on the train.

I've spent the last week, other than dealing with a cold, trying to take in all that went on that weekend. I can't put it into words, guess you had to be there!! Check out my flickr page (link on my side bar) if you want to see more pics of the day.



  1. That sounds like so much fun! I love those elephant softies!

  2. I saw that gorgeous are amazingly talented!


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