Thursday, June 17, 2010

A bit AWOL

And I'm not apologising for it, had life stuff to do!!

I did finally finish this though...

Lily's 4th Birthday Pressy

I gave it to my neice for her 4th birthday to decorate her new bedroom. There wasn't really any instructions for attaching the material to the frame, like how to fold it so it's nice and neat, so I just folded as best I could and was lucky enough to borrow a staple gun from this lovely lady. You were a life saver. It was lovely to stitch, I'd forgotten how relaxing hand sewing can be.


Edit -  Kokeshi Friends Stitchery from the book Kaleidoscope by Melanie Hurlston. Handmade by MandyMade


  1. It's a very sweet stitchery indeed. It's funny, this desire to apologise after blog silence, but I often feel the need to.

    Not sure if I've already thanked you for your comments on my post a little while back about pnd. Much appreciated, and I only wish I'd made it to sew it together and met you. Maybe next year!

  2. That is a lovely stitchery and I love the fabric you used to frame it.
    You have one very lucky neice!

  3. OH WOW I want one! That is so lovely :-)

  4. It looks great! I also have the kaleidoscope book and I am about to start this stitchy too. Hope it turns out as gorgeous as yours! :)
    love the fabric you framed it with, well done!


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