Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Boys Zipper Pouches

Boys Zipper Pouches, originally uploaded by MandyMade.

Birthday's always seem to group together don't they? Well we had 3 boys birthdays on the weekend so I decided to try out Nikki's Super-simple zipped pouch, from her book. It was super simple. There will be more of these. I originally had pencils in mind but Little A wanted to give cars. So they are multi purpose pouches. One of these pouches wont be given until December but I thought I'd knock it off early. I appliqued the names with applique paper (no idea what this is called!!) then hand stitched a running stitch with pearl 8. The denim is a pair of old jeans and has a calico lining. Fun to make, highly recommend making some.


Super-simple Zipped Pouch from You Sew, Girl by Nicole Mallalieu.

Edit: Forgot to mention they are 15cm x 20cm. Great size for just about anything you want to take to someones house for a play.

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