Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Zac's Nintendo DS Pouch

Zac's Nintendo DS Pouch, originally uploaded by MandyMade.

I made another one. DS pouch that is. I followed the same tutorial as the last one but altered it a bit more. So it's kinda getting away from the original but I'll keep on giving credit. So what's different this time? Well, I used cotton this time instead of the thick fabric on the last one, so I fully lined the back pocket (didn't feel it necessary with the other). On request by the receivers mum I added a zip to the opening, she's knows her son and was worried that he would fling it around. I kept the velcro closure as well though. I also added 2.5 cm to the height and width as the last one was a tad too small. I was happy with the result. I also appliqued his name on. There is a down side to receiving a gift first as you don't have all the added improvements made to the next. But you can always count on them being one of a kind!!


Nintendo DS Pouch based on this tutorial.

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