Monday, November 28, 2011

Some things for me

I've been making so much for others lately that I thought I'd make a few small things for me. I'd seen a lens cap pouch ages ago on pinterest so thouht it was about time I made one for me.

Camera Lens Cap Pouch

I made it using this tutorial. I followed it exactly but found that have the turning gap at the top didn't turn out the best. So next time I'll try it down the side.

Camera Lens Cap Pouch

It was a bit of pain having to take the strap off the camera to put it on but I coped!! I've used it and it's very handy to have. No more putting the lens cap down and forgetting where!

Ear Phone Pouch

I also needed a new pouch for my ipod shuffle, and when this tutorial popped up in blog land I had to give it a go. I had a bit of trouble getting it under the foot to top stitch, thus the dodgy top stitching around the zipper. (I was on a roll by that stage so just kept going!!)  Very quick and easy, I can see lots of these being gifted this Christmas.

I had another market last week, the last for the year. Now I'm starting to think of gifts for Christmas. I've only got 1 month of maternity leave left then back to work I go.


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  1. That lens cap holder is a brilliant idea! I can't tell you how many times I've had to search high and low for the blessed thing when I've taken it off and dumped it somewhere.
    You're a clever thing!


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