Sunday, March 11, 2012


I'm back on the sewing machine. It's been far too long. I've just been too busy.

Roses are red tractors are green
Curvy Wristlet
Roses are Red, Tractors are Green. That is what is printed on this fabric. Not my usual fabric choice! There is a very complicated story to go with this wristlet!

My sister's mother in law found this fabric, fell in love, had to buy it. They moved to the country a few years ago along with my sister and her family. She doesn't sew, at least I don't think she does, I do know she knits and makes very nice jam (has her own business). Anyway, she gave this fabric to my mum with the request of making some pj's for my nieces, which she did (sorry don't have any pics, very cute though). Mum had some fabric left over so asked me to make a purse or bag for my sister's MIL. So last night I finally got the urge to make it. I hadn't tried this pattern yet. Wish I had tried it first on something else. The fussy cutting I did on the flap didn't end up being in the right spot, you can kinda read it. I'm pretty happy with the bag. I think though to make it look it's best it would have to be full. Maybe I needed to use some thicker padding in it to give it more structure.

Roses are red tractors are green
Curvy Wristlet - back
It was gifted to her today at a festival she had a stall at. She had no idea it was being made, I think she was happy. Not sure if she was showing off the material to everyone or the purse!! I think it was a success.

Roses are red tractors are green
Curvy Wristlet - inside
This is the inside, it has a small pocket you could put a small mobile into. I didn't get a chance to try it!

This is made from a Keyka Lou pattern (click on the button on the right sidebar for more of her patterns). There are two smaller sizes in this pattern too. I think they might be better suited to have a wrist strap, I'm not sure if the large size needed it.

I think I'll make a few of these for our next market, not sure when that will be.

I've got a few softies on the to-do list next, birthdays coming up. I'll be getting the Melly and Me patterns out I think. It's been a while since I made a softie.

There have been a few softie pattern writers that, in the past week, have decided to let people sell softies made from their patterns (not in a mass produce way), which is pretty exciting for me. I would love to make them to sell but just don't have the time and brain space to create my own. We'll see what happens.


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