Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lots of making

I do feel I have been making a few things of late, unlike last month, still not getting as much made as I would like though.

Camera Lens Pouches
Camera Lens Cap Pouches
I made a few more camera lens cap pouches on request for Ditto Crafts. This time making them slightly larger to fit bigger lens caps. I think this larger size came out a lot better. The green one at the top has a snap at the back to clip over the camera strap instead of having to take the strap off the camera to fit it on. The friend I made it for requested this and I think I'll be sticking with it if I make more. Still making it based on this tutorial but slowly coming up with my own way of making them.
Baby Doll Bibs and Nappies
Baby Doll bibs and nappies with a little bag to put them in
It was my nieces 2nd birthday last week and on request from my sister I made her doll some nappies and bibs. I used the bib pattern I made up and shrank it. I was worried that it was going to be too small but turned out just right. I had a cloth nappy for my cabbage patch kid back in the 80's. Thats him in the pic, looking ok for a 27 year old!! So I used that as a base for the pattern. I had made a promise to myself, and others, that I wouldn't buy fabric from spotlight for the foreseeable future, not that its bad or anything, just that I have so much fabric I need to use and its just too easy to buy more when spotty is just up the road! But I couldn't resist, look at those adorable owls, and that dolls clothesline fabric, can you blame me?

iPhone cozy
iPhone cozy
I've also been mucking around with some iPhone cosies to sell, inspired by others I have seen. My felt isn't quite thick enough so I'm going to have to pad it a bit more, what do you think?

I have another show and tell but that one deserves it's own post, until then....


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