Thursday, March 1, 2012

Birthday Boy

Completely forgot to post about my gorgeous one year old. Can't believe he's one already the time has just flown by. It was last week in case you're wondering.

I made a cake, well decorated the cake, the hairy bloke made it, he's good like that.

Little O's 1st Birthday Cake
Little O's 1st birthday cake

It was a robot theme. I didn't get very good photos of the party and the table was a bit disorganised :-( too much going on in my head, next time I'll get friends to take photos, check the table is nice and calm be down! Half the food didn't end up being put out.

I googled robot cake and a Betty Crocker tutorial popped up, perfect. I went to ye oldie lolly shoppe to get all the decorations and the cake mix and icing came from our very ace local cake decorating shop. The robot in the tute had liquorice arms. Not that I was too stressed about sticking with what was in the tute, but it became a challenge, I could not find really long twisty liquorice anywhere, so the good old musk stick replaced it. Talk about out of practice, it has been 2 years since I iced a cake, too long!!

Little O's 1st Birthday Cake
Icing in action
It was sooo yum :-)

Little O's 1st Birthday Cake
Robot cake control panel!

I made a tiny one for the next day too.

Little O's 1st Birthday Cup Cakes
Cup cakes
My mother in law made cupcakes for the party. She couldn't find any robots to top the cakes so my father in law made robot rappers to go around them, how cool is that?

I'm now thinking about the 7 year old party coming up. He wants a Harry Potter theme. I was thinking either the sorting hat or Hogwarts castle. I know which one would be easier!!


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