Monday, April 2, 2012

Dobby the house elf

..has come to live at our house.

Amigurumi Dobby
Dobby's close up

I made Dobby for AJ for his 7th birthday. He was fun to make, I loved how he came together and his character was there almost straight away.
Amigurumi Dobby

I bought the pattern here from Lucy Ravenscar. I love her patterns. You may recall the Ewoks I made a couple of years ago also from a pattern she designed. Her patterns are very easy to follow with handy hints also. I decided not to crochet Dobby's clothes but used an old tea towel instead.
AJ with Dobby
AJ also had a Harry Potter themed birthday. Here he is in his quidditch robes. All of his friends dressed up, they all looked fantastic. They watched the first movie, well kinda, they were all a bit excited to sit down and watch. They all had a good time, boy the first movie is long!

Hogwarts Castle Birthday Cake
Hogwarts Castle
We made a Hogwarts Castle cake for the party too. I say we cos the hairy bloke made the cake and I decorated it.

It's been a big couple of weeks leading up to this party, I'm exhausted now. Might be re-thinking the whole party thing next year. I don't mind the organising and planning, it's the very excited naughty boy that appears in our house before hand that I don't like!!


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