Monday, January 9, 2012

Brown paper packages tied up with string

The Christmas post. I know a bit late. I've been tied up!! We had an interesting Christmas day. Those who live in Melbourne will know what I'm talking about. It was warm and humid, we dashed to my parents (only 5 min drive) in-between down pours. We'd finished lunch and were all laying about with full tummies then the rain started again, then big heavy rain, then hail stones, then hail stones the size of golf balls!! It was so loud we couldn't speak to each other inside, then the mad dash around the house to make sure no water was getting in. We had waterfalls on either side of the house and then it started coming in through my old bedroom. A few things got damp, could have been a lot worse. We found out later that our area was the worst hit, the main street was flooded and the flood basin we live next to was full, never seen that before. It was eventful and one we will always remember. We're just really lucky we didn't have to travel to another house for dinner.

Then we had a white Christmas

I didn't get many handmade gifts finished this year, oh well.

I did manage to make us all stockings though, and I have some placemats underway, now for next year!!
  Christmas Stockings

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