Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The missing projects

Well not missing exactly just from this blog. I missed writing about a few of the projects I've been making, for either friends, family or for Ditto Crafts. I thought about writing individual posts for each but, nah. So here goes.

Captain America
Little A as Captain America

My eldest did drama last year once a week. At the end of the year he had a performance and his class performed a play "Class for Superheroes". He got to pick whichever superhero he wanted to be so he picked Captain America. The movie wasn't all that big here so I didn't know where he knew him from but found out he's in one of the cartoons he watches. I thought a costume would be no problem, especially with a movie out. Nope, nowhere, couldn't find anything so I had to improvise, and in an afternoon I came up with this. (and no the shoes on the wrong feet were not my idea!!) He did a fantastic job and delivered his lines when he should, we were very proud.

Captain America

This was the first time I appliqu├ęd onto a t-shirt, I'll be doing more of that!! Easy, don't know what I was afraid of. I made the belt separate but ended up using hemming web to attach it to the t-shirt. The pants are from his superman costume and the arm bands are old socks with the toes cut out. The hat is his winter hat and I just tacked some felt wings and an A onto it. It was soooo hot that day I was surprised he wore it. The shield I made of cardboard stuck onto a toy box lid! The entire outfit is now in the dress up box. I may need to make him a new hat this winter!

Colouring Folio
Colouring Folios

A friend of mine liked the colouring folio I made in this post and asked if I could make some for her girls. These are the result.

Colouring Folio
Colouring Folios Inside
Again I made up the pattern, this time making it a bit smaller than last time. I think this is the perfect size. You can see by the handles that I was still making it up as I was making them. Nothing like uniqueness. I'll be making a few more for her, this time for boys.

Teachers Gift 2011
Teachers gift 2011, Notepad organiser

This was a bit of a last minute gift. I had no idea what to make Little A's teacher. Then I saw that Leah had made up a note pad organiser and thought it would be perfect for his teacher. I used this tutorial.

Teachers Gift 2011
Notepad organiser, inside

I got Little A to draw a picture of his teacher and I stuck it onto a notepad. She's getting married this year so there was nothing like shameless self promotion and a nudge for her to have some handmade somethings at her wedding, I popped my card in!! I was happy with the result but could not get the white background uncreased. I was tempted to keep this one and make her another, alas no time, plus I have more fabric ;-).
Tall Pleated Pouch - in Jane Green
Tall pleated pouch - in "Jane green"

This is the last one I promise. A few months ago my uncle was telling me that his wife had lost her phone pouch, and it was in her favourite green, I can whip one up for her, I said. Well next time I saw him I took all my green fabric with me, I was surprised at how much I had. Lucky for both of us I had "Jane green" and this little pouch was born. She loved it. I love it when a project comes together like this, especially when they are secret projects.

We're there any that I missed?

Now for some new projects. I need to work out a balance now between sewing for me and for Ditto Crafts and I'm returning to work next week after a year at home, that's going to be a bit of a shock. At least I'll be able to get some crochet in on the train trips.


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