Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Not-so-big Backpack

I needed to make a backpack for Little O for childcare...

Not-So-Big Backpack
Not-so-big backpack pattern by Melissa Frantz
from Stitch Magazine Fall 2010 issue. I did!!

I used a pattern in Stitch Magazine's Fall 2010 issue.

Not-So-Big Backpack - inside

It was very easy to follow. The pattern didn't have a lining or base but I added them in anyway. I don't like exposed seems, maybe that's why I haven't got into clothes making!!

Not-So-Big Backpack - from the back

This is the back. When I was making the back I had a look on the web for photos as there wasn't any in the pattern and I was finding it hard to picture it in my head how do it. I had trouble finding any, so here is mine. It worked out fine, don't know what I was worried about!

Not-So-Big Backpack - from the side
Side view

Hmm, you may notice the zip. I made the mistake of buying a zip that went all the way to the tape at the end and then had a huge gap at the pull end. So there is a gap. I may get tricky yet and sew something over it.

Not-So-Big Backpack - front pocket
The pocket

I love the pocket. The pattern doesn't call for it but I lined it, couldn't help myself.

Not-So-Big Backpack - taste test
Taste test
And last but not least, the taste test. It got his approval. The bag ended up bigger than I thought it would. Perfect size for childcare and visiting friends.

I'm really happy with it. All up it took about a day, but would probably be less made in one sewing session without distractions.

I used a fat quarter for the pockets and straps with a little bit over and the jeans are an old pair of the hubby's.

I'll be back into purse making this week. I've been buying more of Keyka Lou's patterns. Just bought the brand new one. Couldn't help myself!!


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