Friday, August 12, 2011

My new toy

I've been too busy getting acquainted with my new toy to share anything this week. Last Thursday I got the call that my new sewing machine was ready to be picked up, dilemma do I have time to pick it up before school pickup, should I get the hubby to do it instead, hmm. Jumped in the car, picked up my mum, then went and got it. Yay. Got to school with 10mins to spare. Then I had to wait till the hubby got home before I could get it out of the box. Long couple of hours! So what is it you may ask. The Singer Confidence Quilter.

New Toy

I had been lusting after the Singer Curvy for a while and just before I went to the show I thought I should check out what else Singer has. They have a machine called the Confidence which looked like it had all the same features as the Curvy, then I spotted the quilter, which, looking at the specs, all that was different was a few less stitches but it included all of the quilting stuff that I would have had to buy anyway, and it was a bit cheaper. It has 96 different stitches which is about 90 more than my old machine so I wasn't too upset with not getting an alphabet like the Curvy had. Anyway, so far so good. I'll write another post on what I think of the machine but it the mean time I will share this with you.

First broken needle ever

I broke my first needle ever, yes people. I was trying to be clever with the zipper foot and guess what, even new machines don't sew through metal!!


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