Monday, August 15, 2011

Addicted to making bags

I admit it I love to make bags and purses. I'm always on the lookout for patterns and tutorials. Here are some I've made lately.

Keychain Clutch - 1
Pattern by Keyka Lou - Keychain Clutch

This is the second Keychain Clutch I've made, this time at the normal size (last one was at 150%). It's very cute and just fits my mobile, but it is the wrong shape for that so its now a coin purse. I've sewn a press stud to close instead of velcro, needs a button on the front.

Lots of Pockets Tote - 1
Pattern by Keyka Lou - Lots of Pockets Tote

This is a very cute bag, just big enough for all the essentials. Great bag to go shopping, or take to the craft show as I did. Can't buy more stuff to put in it!! All the fabric is from ikea, great for bags I've decided. Instead of using quilt batting I used some polar fleece with the lining, which gives it a nice padding but made it too think so sew over around the top so I wont be doing that again. I would interface the outside pockets but not the lining. The pockets on the front of the bag are very handy. I attached a magnetic snap to close but I think it needs to be bigger, next time.

Pocket Clutch - 1
Pattern by Keyka Lou - Pocket Clutch

This clutch is very cute. Would be great for a night out, just need to have one! Would fit my mobile and small wallet with cards and notes.

Keychain Clutch - 2
Pattern by Keyka Lou - Keychain Clutch (small is 100% and large is 150%)

Same as the one at the top just increased the pattern size for the larger one. I've made this before. The point for turning the right way round is at the base, when I make this again I will try to have the turning point at the top, it's tricky to make a nice even closing stitch at the base, especially with this type of material. I used a hammer in snap closure this time, which I had no problem with, I expected to as others have said they are tricky.

Zipper Pouch #1
Pattern by ithinksew - Zipper Pouch

Another pattern maker I discovered is ithinksew. Very cute baby shoes, which I will save for another post. This Zipper Pouch came as a free pattern when you buy other patterns. This little pouch has the zip behind the broken needle incident. It's easy (if you can sew zips) and quick to put together. I made it for Little A's friend who turned 7 on the weekend. I will definitely be making more of these.

Box Pouch #1
Box Pouch

This box pouch came about after I was looking on the net for a small square bag for little girls. There are heaps of tutorials for a box pouch (still looking for a small bag). I started with this tutorial but ended up changing the construction slightly, and put a plastic base in the bottom. I would interface it next time (thought the type of material would be strong enough) though it does stand on it's own very well. I also made this for Little A's friend.

Well that's it for the bags at the moment. I do think I'll be making these for the school fete.

Purses in waiting
More Keyka Lou pouches waiting to be sewn up

These are some more Keyka Lou pouches waiting to be sewn up. Pleated pouches in 3 sizes and more keychain clutches.


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  1. Bags are among my favorite things to make. They are kind of addictive! You've made some really cute ones!


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