Monday, August 15, 2011

Skill Builder Sampler - blocks 5 and 6

I should be doing housework, I'm not, I would rather be sewing but instead I'm all rugged up in front of the computer waiting for the babe to wake up, so I thought I'd finally update you on blocks 5 and 6 of the Skill Builder Sampler.
Skill Builder Sampler - block 5
Block 5
Even though I think there was the same amount of HST in this block as the last, I thought the trimming would never end. Hopefully I'm getting more accurate in my sewing and I wont have to do the trimming technique for much longer! The block was mostly 12 1/2" by 12 1/2". Getting better with the overall accuracy.
Skill Builder Sampler - block 6
Block 6
This block was easy peasy lemon easy (as my son would say) and came together really quickly, a nice easy block to finish off the second month.

And because I finished on time (finally) I could enter into the draw to win a lovely pack of solids. Guess what, I won, yay. Now that doesn't happen everyday. Shows you have to be in it to win it!!

 "We can do it! Skill Builder Sampler" over at Sewn.

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