Monday, August 15, 2011

The School Fete not very far away, yikes. Better get sewing!

I've bitten the bullet with another crafty/bloggy/school mum/ ace friend and we've teamed up and become ??? Big reveal soon!! We are breaking out into the world of craft stalls by starting at our school fete. So I've been very busy coming up with stuff I could contribute to the stall. I've been trawling the net and books I have coming up with quick easy projects that of course I can sell. There are quite a few restrictions on some of the patterns I have, mostly, you can make it for personal use and gift giving only, not to sell. Well I could write a very lengthy post about that (and I have in the past) but I wont at this time. So here are a few things I have tested and will definitely make more of for the stall. Please make comments, if you think I'm nuts, that wont sell, or yeah go for it, all feedback welcome :-). If there is anything else you have seen me make in the past and think would be good, let me know.

Market Maybe's
1. Coffee cuffs, 2. Dad's Mug Rug, 3. Snail, 4. Mum's mothers day purse, 5. Kid's belt, 6. Kid's belt, 7. Keychain Clutch Large - 1, 8. Keychain Clutch - 2, 9. Pocket Clutch - 1, 10. Michi Kimono-Style Baby Booties - 1, 11. Cameron Baby Sneakers - 1, 12. Cameron Baby Sneakers - 2, 13. Lots of Pockets Tote - 1, 14. Keychain Clutch - 1, 15. Box Pouch #1, 16. Zipper Pouch #1
Credit for each of the patterns used is on each photo on my flickr page so click on the links above if you want to know what pattern I have used.

Plus I finally got all my fabric from fabricworm, all of this fabric will be made into stuff for the stall.

A Stack of fabric

Can't wait to finally show off my finished items. But first, need to get on top of this housework thing!


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