Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Creative Space

I've decided to get on the band wagon and post my creative space for this week. I've been a bit absent from my blog of late, life stuff, so I thought this might get me back in.

My Creative Space

I'm only working on 2 things at the moment, shock horror, with a million and 1 things in my head wanting to be made. I have started the stitchery from Melly and Me's Kaleidoscope book. It's the first bit of stitchery I've done in a while, after almost 15 years of intense cross stitch (which I haven't done for about 5 years now) it's nice to get back into some hand sewing in the evenings. But I have to say, what has happened to dmc thread? I needed to buy more black and it's not nearly as nice and smooth to stitch with as it used to be. I thought maybe it was because I wasn't stitching on aida cloth, but then I switched to another colour from my old stash, nope, it's so scratchy and the old stuff so smooth. Oh well.

I've finished all of the crazy nine patch squares, yay, and I've even trimmed them. Now I'm just a bit undecided as to how to put it together. There are a lot of patterns in the fabric and put together it's a bit too intense so I think I might border each with white. I'll post some mock ups soon.

Little A's Creative Space

And just to finish off, Little A's create space.

For more creative space go visit kootoyoo.



  1. nice stitchery! I was undecided on whether or not to buy this book but now you have swayed me with this post.

  2. I'm visiting the kootoyoo creative spaces and yours is just beautiful! Love that doll embroidery, super cute!

  3. Oh I like the look of that stitchery too. Might have to check it out too...
    Love the little ones work too.
    Nice to meet you Mandy! From another one!

  4. beautiful stitching. I've just starting trying a little myself, but I don't come close to what you make!


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