Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sewing with Little A

This was a couple of weeks ago, sorry only getting around to writing it now. It's going to be a bit lengthy, I want to record it all.

Little A had decided one evening that we needed to make something, "with your machine Mummy". I told him we need to plan these things a bit more in advance. So after a few temper outbursts he was happy with the idea of dreaming up a really good idea for what to make. So when we got home from school the next afternoon we decided to make something. A few ideas flew around then I got some books out with patterns. Of course all the patterns he wanted to make from had to be enlarged. 

*** side rant *** I really love craft books, but why do they all now have patterns that have to be enlarged? They assume you can get to a photo copier, which i can only do on the off chance at work. It also limits a spontaneous softie making session. Not all books now have patterns that need to be enlarged and I thank them for that, but I don't want to buy a book based on how they have included the patterns. *** ok rant over!! ***

Then I looked through my sewing calendar and found a few things we could make in a couple of hours. I also didn't know how long his attention span was going to last, and I'd have to finish it. But we settled on a little robot pillow.

Robot Doll Pocket Pillow

No patterns as such, just dimensions for squares, excellent. To the material box. Little A chose the fabric he wanted. It happened to be a fabric bundle I'd bought at Spotlight, so everything matched. He chose what colour should go with what part of the robot then we got the iron out and ironed all the material. This was the first time I'd let him use the iron so he was very chuffed ( He was very closely assisted, but even so). Next came the cutting mat and roller cutter. I lined everything up then with my help he rolled the cutter, very proud of himself. We read the instructions again (he's very big on me reading the instructions all the time) then matched the fabric up ready to sew. The pieces were very small so I let him guide the fabric through once, then he was in charge of raising the foot and turning the wheel. After a few seams sewn he decided that using the hole punch for a while would entertain him better. So while he was doing that I sewed the face and some tricky bits. But he came back wanting to do more which was good, cos it was stuffing time. He loves this bit and is often my cheif stuffing holder and getter out of the bag while I stuff softies. But this time it was his turn to stuff, which at times he did with a bit too much vigour but all was ok. I thought I'd be the one sewing the gap closed but no he wanted to do it. So I doubled the thread over, pinched the seams together for him, then he sewed the opening closed, guess he has been paying attention!! I grabbed the camera and the rest is history. Very proud of himself he was and I of him. He even took it to show and tell. 

Robot Doll Pocket Pillow

Robot Doll Pocket Pillow



  1. Thank you for sharing this story! It almost felt like I was there participating as well. A very warm and tender "good" story!

    Also tell your son "well done" from me. His robot toy turned out "awesome"!

  2. That is SO cute! How fun that he's old enough to start sewing with you! My daughter is dying to participate, but she's not quite old enough yet. She loves to sit on my lap while I sew, but it's not long before those little finger go looking for trouble!


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