Thursday, January 28, 2010

2010 - The year of domestic projects

That is what I have decided this year will be. I have so many things around the house that would benefit from a little crafty touch. I don't think I made anything last year for our house. My hubby and son gave me a book for Christmas, the Crafty Minx by Kelly Doust, this is what started it all off. There are so many little handy projects for around the house in there.

Peg Bag

When I moved out of home I bought one of those plastic peg baskets you can buy at the super market. Well, 12 years later, the thing has finally decided to fall apart and disintegrate. So the crafty minx came in handy straight away. All I did was use a tea towel that already had binding so I didn't do that bit, and I couldn't decide on an applique so I didn't do that either. Doesn't matter, it's doing it's job!! But I did add a button because the tea towel already had a loop on it, and I think the tea towel may have been a bit shorter than the one in the book so it gapped heaps when the pegs are all in. This was actually my first project for 2010 but I only just got around to photographing it!!

Yummy muffin making

Keeping the little one entertained over the school holidays has been a bit of a challenge. There are only so many play-dates you can go on!! And with the anticipation of a big one tomorrow we made muffins to keep him entertained. Now I'm not that known for my kitchen skills so the old packet mix was the go. Also, that is all the bench space we have in our kitchen so co-cooking isn't usually practiced. Need a kitchen reno, then I'll become the domestic goddess!!

Best bit, licking the bowl
Of course licking the bowl is the best bit.

Now on my to do list, make an apron for little A, he gets so grumpy when he has to use the painting one!!

I'm child free tonight so my next domestic project is a shopping bag dispenser. I've found two great tutorials on the net, I now just have to decide on which one, this or this? Or do you know of another?


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  1. Great muffin's guys! We loved them taya was asking where they were when you had left. lol.


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