Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Year in Review 2009

A Year in Review 2009, originally uploaded by MandyMade.
Happy New Year everyone. Wow what a year craft wise. I started 36 projects and finished 34, not bad a percentage if you ask me. Previously I haven't been that good at finishing what I start so here's to me!!

I have heaps to blog about seeing as it's been a month since my last post but I wont write it all now, think I might pace myself!!

The one thing that I am really excited about for this year is that I am participating in Sew it Together. I stumbled upon it in one of the blogs I read and one of my bloggy friends gave me the push I needed to sign up, thanks Leah.

For me this year I think will be practical projects, so less of the softies unless they are gifts. I also want to make a great dent in my stash which grew exponentially last year!!

On my wish to make list so far:
- a quilt for Little A - Homespun mag
- a quilt for us - Denyse Schmidt Quilts
- some baskets from Seams to Me
- pincushion organiser from Oh Fransson
- charging basket from Oh Fransson
Just to name a few!!

What's on your make wish list?

Well here is to a crafty year ahead and hopefully more designing on my part :-).



  1. wow, that's alot of projects! love the mosaic.
    goodluck with this years list.

  2. Yes, that is a great success rate. I look forward to meeting you in Melbourne.

  3. Any time my bloggie friend! The Pin Cushion Organiser has been on my to do list for ever...maybe we can make it at the sew togther or even just get together and make it. It would push me along too.


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