Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Back from holidays

I'm back from holidays and have no crafting to show for it!! Well I did do a little bit, the applique on Little A's library bag was coming off so I added some blanket stitch, which I didn't do at first cos I didn't want it to look too country craft!! But in the end I had to do it, doesn't look too bad. I don't recommend this retro adding though, did my fingers in.

I was going to do some hand stitching but I didn't get my act together before I left (I wanted to do the Melly and Me stitchery from their book). I took a heap of material with me but I didn't want to start something just for the sake of it, I don't seem to finish them if started that way. So I had a nice relax anyway. Missed the sewing machine though!!

When I got home, switched on the computer (which I didn't miss) only to find 420 blog entries to read in Google Reader, wow you people have been busy while I was lazing about, that also teaches me to have so many blogs to read. Now do I skim through them all, mark them as read or spend the next few weeks reading??!!


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  1. Mark as read!!!! Unless there are a few blogs you want to get up to speed on. I had 1000+ posts to read after 2 weeks away and I scrolled through quickly, but even that was overwelming and took an age. Anyway, welcome back to the world of craft :-)


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