Sunday, January 10, 2010

First Friendship star table runner

This was a Christmas gift for my MIL. You may remember this in a wip a while ago, here. Well, I ended up making 3 friendship stars from the Block Party pattern then made it into a table runner.
I had no pattern to go by after I made the stars so here is what I ended up doing:
I sewed strips to join up the stars and on the ends. Then made a long strip for the border. I used the basting spray I bought a little while ago to sandwich the batting and backing. It stank, but did the job really well. I was after a stiff finish so this worked well, not sure how it would end up if you wanted a very soft quilt finish. I machine quilted straight lines around the stars. I wasn't happy with how they turned out on the back so I then added material to the back, then added the binding with the same material.
I really liked how it turned out. I want to make another but we'll see what block comes up next in the Block Party Quilt Along.


First friendship star table runner made from the pattern used on Block Party Quilt Along

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  1. Doesn't that spray stink!!! Loved your stars. Liked how you mentioned you did not like the back but made it work in the end. I'm like that too, always something...LOL


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