Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sewing Calendar 2010

Sewing Calendar 2010, originally uploaded by MandyMade.

I bought this calendar just after new year. I wasn't going to buy a calendar this year, just use the computer ones. I buy one every year then never use it, so I thought I'd stick a nice picture on a wall with the computer print out underneath. Then I came across this calendar. It has a new project to make every couple of days, and flicking through it, I decided there was more in there that I would make than not, more than books usually, so I bought it.

Emily's Headbands

Being in the southern hemisphere all of the projects are kind of out of sync for us, so I started with one in June. I made these head bands for a friends little girl who turned 3 this month. For one I stuck with how it told you to make it, I found it really tricky to do and ended up with it being bulky where the elastic gets sewn in. So for the second I sewed them together with the seam allowance then turned them, ironed, topped stitched and sewed the elastic in. Much better result for me, I'm too much of a perfectionist to handle the way it told me to do it!!

Liam's Oven Mit

I then made this mini oven mitt for another friends son's 4th birthday this month. It was the first time I quilted this way. I just picked a spot to start then let the machine sew the line it wanted. It was small enough to do it this way, complete accident that the lines joined in the middle like that, gotta love that walking foot. I stuck to the pattern this time, the only difference being how I attched the wrist cuff, which wasn't too far off from the pattern.

I have started making the pin cushion pear, more on that another time.



  1. You have a hand with quilting...the mitten has come out very well.Love them really.


  2. Wow lovely mitt and headbands. Your choice of fabric is just right! I have seen this sewing calendar on another blog. It seems "a must have" for me. Did you get it in Australia or over the net?


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