Sunday, July 20, 2008

Travel Diary cover

Photo to come.

I wanted to cover a note book I bought for us to go on holidays with. I have so much left over material so I used that.

Stitching comments: I had no pattern to do this so I made it up. My first attempt left me with not enough material to go around the book, the second I had too much. I also sewed too close around the edge then couldn't fit the book into it. So after a lot a trial and error I ended up with this.

Lessons Learned: Attempting something you want to do but don't have a pattern for is always worth while.

Pattern: Mandy Made

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Miss polly

I made this for a girlfriends daughter. She called it "Happy"

Stitching comments: The arms and legs are sewn in then stuffed. This is the opposite to how I have been sewing them. (The pattern told me to do it!!) This makes for more closing that I'm not too good at. I think if I was to make her again I would sew and stuff the arms and legs then sew them into the body, I seem to have more success that way. And I wouldn't be worried about her falling apart!!

Lessons Learned: To sew the arms and legs and stuff them first

Pattern: softies, Penguin Books


I made this bunny for a friends baby boy.

Stitching comments: This was very easy to make. The only thing strange about it was the size of the circle to stitch to the bottom, it was way too big, so I had to trim it down to size. I also couldn't work out how to make the ears stay up by themselves. Better luck next time.

Pattern: softies, penguin books

Sunday, July 6, 2008


I made this one for me!!

Stitching comments: I have a heap of material that I have collected over the years going through remnant bins in material shops. This little one is made entirly of remnants, and I think, that is how it should be. The only problem I had was that the material was a bit thin and freyed a bit, so I had problems closing. I'm not too good with the whip stitch so I descided to do cross stitch instead. Well the reult wasn't too crash hot, better luck next time.

Lessons Learned: Not to use really thin material.

Pattern: softies, Penguin Books

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Red Booties

I made these for a girlfriends baby.

They are from the same pattern as the blue booties, except I used butterflies instead of cars.

Stitching comments: This time I cut enough thread to go all the way around the blanket stitch.

Pattern: easy stitching, Inspiration books


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